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The Brain Misfires and the Body Shuts Down! CLICK TO READ

How does it all go wrong?  The human brain is a complex machine that operates the functions of each and every single cell in our bodies.  When our brain is functioning properly, our body is functioning properly.  But what happens if your brain starts functioning improperly?  To answer that question is to answer the question:  Why Did My Body Go Wrong?

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Science, Technology & Advancements

Cutting Edge, Non-Drug Treatment with Functional Neurology The New Technology Health Age & how treatments are so effective!

View this video of neural pathways being made for a foundational understanding of what we do…our treatment applications


Cindy H Discusses Neuropathy

Cindy H sits for a special interview in her home to discuss her experiences with her health and the positive results that have happened with Dr. Jaudy



Tracey and Mark describe how no major hospital or doctor was able to help. Panic attacks, migraines, IBS, interstitial cystits, constant inflammation in the stomach, and ended up in ICU with multiple organ failure.


Tracey’s dramatic recovery after just 2 weeks of treatment with Dr. Jaudy.


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