How We Determine Brain Weakness

Transcript of Dr. Jaudy Video Lecture, How We Determine Brain Weakness

QUESTION: How do you initially determine for the individual patient, what part of the brain needs your attention.

DR. JAUDY: Great question and your first name is… I’m Kathy, it’s good to to have you with us. All right, so the question is how do we determine? We do a comprehensive initial examination. We look at several variants, for example, we look at your posture, we look at your gate, we look at your eye movements, we look at your pupillary dilation, we ask you to perform certain tasks that are all brain-based to monitor which division in the brain is failing to perform a certain task. As you saw the picture earlier, the body parts, so we test all of those and we determine what area is doing what, in what capacity, at what firing potential, because through years and years of studying and training, this is complex understanding, we are able to determine what area is not firing properly and target this area in order to give you efficiency in function, quickly.

Not tell you go, come, go, come, til doomsday and that’s why we are known for quick results. People come to me with 30 years of problems. They get better, and it depends on the case, five treatments, 10. What’s 30 years, what’s 10 treatments? I mean it’s just majestic. Very powerful stuff. Did I answer your question? So very skillful, targeted, brain-based tasks, and tests and definitely our facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art the machines that test brain function, heart function, pupillary dilation, everything. It’s very well equipped and state-of-the-art.