Hypersensitivity Comes from the Brain

Transcript of Dr. Jaudy Video Lecture, Hypersensitivity Comes from the Brain

QUESTION: On my procedure I had work on my last trip. Something was set in motion; 18 hours later that was it. I was in horrible pain, burning.

DR. JAUDY: Great question. Listen to this carefully. This is very, very important, okay. When your brain, whether it’s the left brain or the right brain, when it’s hypersensitive, okay, when its boiling, on the inside, okay, and let’s say that, just an example, okay, let’s say that Jerry’s left brain is hypersensitive, or its over fired, okay, and the right brain is weak, and somebody comes and pushes on her on the right side, and this push, whatever it is, push, whatever, whatever, whatever the procedure is, okay, this push over activated and over fired the strong brain, the brain is screaming and he’ll say “okay, go for it more and more,” and this sets a Cascade of symptoms that’s unrelenting, unrelenting, okay, and that’s why, ladies and gentlemen, brain-based procedures are very, very targeted, very delicate, okay,

Because the brain understands information in files, and understands this information on the file you give it, if it’s the right file, it’s a happy day. If it’s a wrong file the brain says, “okay, what did you do”, all right. “You messed me up. Here’s what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna increase your symptoms so that you learn not to do that again”, or for somebody else to learn not to do it again, and number two, is gonna say “okay I’m gonna, when I increase your symptoms, I’m going to start compensating for those. I’m gonna cause something else”, so you go through compensations when you do the wrong procedure.

This is profound. We cannot assume, or we cannot guess about what we need to do. You are too precious, as humans. All humans are too precious to assume what we need to do. Listen to this carefully. The human cell, the human cell is like a small infant. Please understand this. It’s, it’s very passionate to me. What do you do with an infant? If the infant cries, what do you do? If it’s your child and he’s crying, what do you do? Suffocate him with a pillow? Shut up, something. No! No, exactly, exactly, Natasha, nuture the child. Attend, attend to his needs. See what he needs, okay.

This is the cell. It’s a little infant. You attend to it, you give it what it needs, and the brain is firing to it. It’s giving it its orchestration, okay, and then the cell starts being viable. It starts firing and you come to life. You come from death, or almost death or loss of life, to life. This is a gift, ladies and gentlemen, to humankind. It’s a gift. I can’t stress that enough. It’s a gift. I say it again and again and again, and we need to take advantage of this. We can’t say, “well, you know, to judge, I’m healthy. There’s nothing wrong with me.” Okay, and so we need to appreciate this very, very state of the art science.