Overcoming Addiction Through Brain Remapping

Transcript of Dr. Jaudy Video Lecture, Overcoming Addiction Through Brain Remapping

QUESTION: A good friend of mine has, ah, I guess for twenty years, just loved martinis, loved vodka, loved Jack and Coke, and, you know, it’s gotten worse where he drinks more and more, and consequently, his digestive disorder problems are horrible. Yes. You know, what can we do, how will your treatment correct him?

DR. JAUDY: Okay, let me, let me, ah, let me break that question into two pieces, all right. It’s a loaded question, okay. All right. Ah, what can he do is one thing, or what can we do is one thing, and what might happen, or what has been happening is another. Anytime you drink alcohol or anytime you do drugs or any type of addictions, it conjests liver, it blocks liver cells, it weakens brain and it creates a condition, it’s all researched in the literature, called hepatic encephalopathy.

Fancy word, what does that mean? Hepatic means liver, “encephalo” means brain. pathy is a problem, the disease. So, liver creating brain problem and vice versa. So, ah, now, when the brain gets affected, we go back to what? To the autopilot. Now, liver took out brain, or is taking out brain cells. Brain is not coordinating, is not firing to all other organs. Now you’re loaded. You don’t end up with the liver problem, you end up with, it may be, you know, bleeding, constipation, irritability, he’s lethargic, he’s fatigued, he has HE (hepatic encephalopathy), he has, maybe he loses balance and on and on and on.

So, the first thing that we need to do, as you mentioned earlier, we need to do an examination. Brain-based. We need to see what’s going on, and we need to address the cause of the problem, not only if it’s alcohol or not, but even if it’s alcohol, we can do certain procedures in order to change the addictive brain cells. You need to change the chemistry of the brain, because if you don’t change it, you send him, he goes and wants to drink again, and again. It doesn’t stop because you’re, you’re on auto pilot, your auto pilot says “hey, hey guy, where’s that drink? I need a drink.

Had a patient the other day. She’s been with us for two weeks. She says, “Dr. Jaudy, I hear a voice in my brain, a voice telling me ‘you deserve a drink.'” She has an addiction problem. “You deserve a drink. Go for one. Go, go, go, go, go.” It’s like, I don’t know, a little Satan or something in her brain. But it not, it’s not what it is. It is a chemical imbalance, ladies and gentlemen, and you can’t overcome it. You can’t, because your brain is set on that mode. You need to be reprogrammed, remapped, changing the environment so that you can function better. Does that make sense to you, JC? Did that answer your question?