Why Do Cysts Happen?

Transcript of Dr. Jaudy Video Lecture, Why Do Cysts Happen?

CINDY: I noticed, you know, I have a file and when we were reading my CT scan it talked about lung cysts.

DR. JAUDY: Lung cysts, correct. So everybody here focus on Cindy’s question. It’s an important question. These are live cases.

CINDY: and I know we can, I don’t know if they can be minimized, or they go away or what you do.

DR. JAUDY: So your question is “why do cysts happen?” Okay, now if the question is “why the cysts formulated?” is one thing and if the question is “if they can be minimized?” We’re going to answer both. Okay, we’re going to make everybody happy, okay. Now regarding the cyst formation Okay, the etiology, which means the cause of that is not very well known, but what do we know, okay, or what can we assume, and we’re going to assume this because it hasn’t been researched and on the cause “why the cysts form?” but when we get decreased circulation decreased respiration decreased blood supply things don’t drain as well and we can start getting lumps, okay, whether in the skin or in different vital organs, like sometimes the liver can have cysts like we’ve seen on this picture here.

Lungs can have tumors or cysts, like a colleague of mine had a tumor in her lung the size of a grapefruit and she didn’t know, but listen to this, listen carefully. What this tumor did is that it blocked, okay, a vessel called the inferior vena cava, fascinating, but this vessel goes from the liver to the heart. It brought that vessel and she was turning blue, bluish color, okay, like blue, and she did not want to do any aggressive intervention like chemicals and chemotherapy and stuff, so she want completely into the botanicals and an natural medicine and stuff and in about four months she went and she did another CT scan the vessel was already still blocked, but here’s what happened, I saw it. Okay. The same vessel had sprouted three more veins. This is majesty. Why, because the inner life that lives in you, the inner life.

I want you to focus on that has made these vessels sprout. Not you. You have no control over the autopilot. No control over it. You cannot tell your stomach I want you to stop functioning now. Just take a break, two days. You ate too much yesterday. You can’t do that. But did that answer your question? This is Organ Remapping and Brain Remapping connected. So we hope, hope only, and monitoring that with these state of the art collections and procedures that your body will reabsorb what it has already created. Understand that?

Your body, because it was your function, created cysts. Depends on the cyst. If it’s a tumor is one thing, if it… Variations, okay. Not everything is the same. But we are hoping by these procedures, the right procedures, targeting the right way, which you have been doing and you’ve been doing great that your body will reabsorb those little nodules or cysts, it depends on their nature, on the location and on and on. And some of them cannot be dangerous at all. And some of them are increased densities which are not that significant.