Does Chocolate Craving Come Back?

Transcript of Dr. Jaudy Video Lecture, Does Chocolate Craving Come Back?

QUESTION: If EJ eats chocolates now, are they back?

DR. JAUDY: Great question. The craving will be back in about three to four months. As long as that. Yes. Because now, the adaptation, Trish, the adaptation to her new environment has given her a new function. Now she can change that new function to dysfunction gradually. Does that make sense to you?

So, if she wants to go back on eating sugar, now its going to misfire again but it’s going to take a little while. It’s not instantaneous because, here’s the deal, this is the beauty of, or the majesty, of our brain and function. Once your brain remaps, it tells you, “here’s life”. It doesn’t take it away that fast unless you force it. I don’t want life, I want sugar, I want coffee, I want alcohol, and this is an intentional activity more than unintentional.