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Neurology and the neurological examination are conventionally taught using a disease oriented model.  While this approach may help to detect the presence of neurological disorders, it may be less sensitive for investigating and estimating the physiological integrity of the nervous system associated with the majority of neurological symptoms.

As it has been until now, our healthcare system is symptom driven and focused on disease management or the management of symptoms.  The physiology that led to the disease or chronic condition is largely ignored and the underlying process is rarely, if ever, addressed.

We are going to diagnose the disease or condition, but we are also going to look for the dysfunction and address the physiology.  The science of functional neurology is concerned not only with the progressive stage of the disorder, but examines the subtle shifts in the nervous system.  The stages of the shades of gray areas which manifest in signs and  symptoms of dysfunction and neurological deficits before they become distinct pathologies.

So if you are feeling ill, you are experiencing the third stage of the illness/disease or condition.  The stages are:

1. The cause (mechanism of physiology that allowed the condition)

2.  The condition

3.  Manifestations of the condition, or symptoms (# 2 or 3 can happen in either order)

4.  Disease/death

The standard conventional treatment is to work directly with the third or fourth stage of the disease.  When the patient does not complain of symptoms, both the doctor and the patient may believe that all is well.

Many times, patients entering our facility say, “I was doing fine, then all of a sudden, this happened.”  Here at the Jaudy Treatment Center, we understand that obviously a condition did not just come out of the blue and all of a sudden just hit a healthy body.

There had to be shifts in the hormone levels, immune system function, blood sugar management, gastro-intestinal function, brain and/or nervous system function and it is these shifts that we diagnose and treat.  This is a very important statement.  We measure, analyze, to restore lost or deviated function so you don’t have to go through the progressive stages which end in disease.  Before the body moves into the diseased state, there are a lot of “subtle” changes.  If these shifts are never detected then the sufferer may go from one doctor to another unsuccessfully, while no one is really listening to them or looks at what the body is doing.  This is why we do not offer 5 minute exams in our clinic.


At the Jaudy Treatment Center, the diagnosis is weighed so heavily because each patient receives three types of diagnosis:

1.  Clinical/medical

2.  The level of the lesion

3.  A functional diagnosis (through a functional neurological assessment and an aggregate set of necessary tests)

In this way functional neurology differs from other diagnostic professions because the level of the lesion and the functional diagnoses are the ones that dictate the treatment methods and the mechanisms for measuring the success of treatment.  This is a radical departure from treating symptoms.

Therefore, we are not exclusively concerned with your previous diagnosis or lack of one.  Because you have not been treated successfully elsewhere has absolutely no bearing on your potential for success with us.

Our treatment approach takes the time to diagnose the neurological origins of the dysfunction so that proper treatment procedures may be administered. We specifically test each compartment of the neuraxis (brain and spinal cord) to identify, isolate, and target the level of the lesion site.   We track the neurological origins of the symptoms and ALL mechanisms of related dysfunction.

Treatments can be pathway specific to the lesion site and certain areas of the brain isolated. Our treatments are always diagnosis guided, never at random, and are always measured for outcome assessments. This means that prior to any treatment, a complete history and neurological examination are performed.

Pre- and post treatment assessments are measured to assure that improvement is evident. Because of this approach, many of our patients often report experiencing change and improvement that is dramatic and quick.  That is why results can be so rapid and profound in as little as one to a few visits.



It’s not enough to do sophisticated diagnostic testing, nor is the condition likely to reverse, if the method of investigation and treatment does not address the functional process of human physiology by addressing the questions:

“What is the mechanism… or rather how did the condition get there?”

“Why is this happening?”

The brain is an outstanding example of a biological computerized control system.  It does make sense to go to the source of the mechanism.  We cannot deviate from the goal of “what is the function of our nerve pathways” because this is the wiring of our nervous system.

These pathways can be the cause of the deficiency, yet also be regulators of the aberrancies.

The success of the outcome of results are directly related to the critical groundwork of an accurate and thorough examination and assessment.

Detecting and uncovering  complex layers and underlying mechanisms as they manifest in the patient, and NOT generalities of the condition, has been the critical factor and is key to the successful outcome of results in even the most severe and chronic conditions.

…This has been the missing link in healthcare.

That’s why it doesn’t matter if you have been to the most prestigious medical centers in the world and seen the most revered specialists.  Brain-based functional neurology is a new paradigm, the new way of thinking, diagnosing, and treating.



You can waste months and even years going from one doctor to another, and the factors that complete the picture of the patient’s unresolved health condition may never be addressed.

The brain functions are like a massive computer system.  You can only program a computer if you are able to understand the computer’s language—then you will get the data you need.  The result is a model of diagnosis and care that addresses all dimensions of the patient’s symptoms.  A complete treatment plan that is designed specifically for your individual diagnosis, not just ONE small piece of the patient’s overall health condition.

If your health isn’t any better, or unsuccessfully addressed despite many different methods of treatment for many years, and even decades, then…

Here is knowledge that can change your life forever.

Seek answers in our brain-based science that targets the ultimate function of the brain and nervous system.  There is an abundance of health information to be found in other models but the fact is that no one has addressed the hard wiring of the brain and the central nervous system.  This can be depressing and confusing.

The goal of this website is to help as many people as possible that suffer from chronic health conditions.  To provide the results and care they truly desire.  Join us for a tour of the majesty of the human brain and nervous system to view your world and universe from within.