Treatment Approach and Patient Insights

Symptoms of Brain Misfiring Typically Not Understood by your Doctor

These symptoms of brain misfiring are poorly understood, ambiguous and may be chased endlessly. Trudi gives insight into Dr. Jaudy’s different approach, which treats by uprooting the symptoms at the core, as they originate in different regions and divisions in the brain.


How the Brain Allows the Spine to Self-Correct



How the Treatment Builds and Compounds

Trudi explains how Dr. Jaudy utilizes an extremely complex science, and how the treatments build and compound.


Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Issues (MCS), Blood, Lead and Mercury Poisoning

Trudi relates just some of the endless symptoms caused by MCS, blood and lead poisoning, and how the immune system becomes weak when the brain misfires.

(Note: The brain is what modulates the immune system. The relationship between the brain and organ system becomes weak as the brain fails to communicate, initiate and strengthen an immune response. The overload of chemicals and toxins lodged decreases brain and organ function. The brain and organs naturally detoxify when the brain and organs are viable and able to fire at optimal neurological levels. Automatic phagocytosis is how the body is able to heal itself without the system having to fight supplements and interference for clearance versus storage.)


How Even One to Few Treatments can Make a Significant Difference when Dr. Jaudy’s Exam Reveals Precise Findings

Trudi recounts how, after she flew here from Washington State, Dr. Jaudy was able to alleviate the cause of her suffering with just the initial treatment during her one week stay.


How Many Symptoms Go Away when You Treat at the Neurological Origin

Trudi describes her frustration with a multitude of symptoms until they were tracked back to the root cause and corrected at the neurological origin.

Amazing Results Observed in the Waiting Room

Trudi discusses the amazing results she observed of patients in the waiting room.


I Eat Organic, Take Supplements and Still Suffer…What is Wrong with this Picture?

“I eat organic, drink the best water, take the best nutrition, and I STILL SUFFER WITH MY HEALTH!”  Sound familiar?


Autonomic Nervous System & Symptoms of Dysautonomia

The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems make up your autonomic nervous system…your auto pilot.  When things go awry, a myriad of symptoms can develop.  Trudi describes how difficult it was to arrive at an accurate diagnosis and treatment before she saw Dr. Jaudy.