Brain-Based Weight Loss

Brain-Based Weight Loss™/Hormonal Balancing™

Dear patient,


In our research and effort to bring you the best in health and function, we are discussing a unique neurological approach to weight loss and hormonal balancing.  Our discussion will be based on the new breakthrough of the science of Functional Neurology or the function of neurology which determines our entire internal environment, our milieu D’ẽtre.

In this current age, we are surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of weight loss and diet protocols.  Some of them work for a short time, but then you get to a point where you stall. Then you ask yourself, some if not all, the following:

•  Why am I not losing those pounds?
•  Why do I feel bloated?
•  Why am I not digesting?
•  I go to the gym, jog, run, exercise, but I can’t seem to feel at my best or lose that weight ?
•  Why does one big meal make me put back 50% of the weight I’ve lost after several months of severe dieting and hunger?
•  What foods should I consume? How do I control my cravings?
•  Why do I feel fatigued? Why is my sleep pattern interrupted?
•  Why is it, sometimes, I can’t think properly when I’m on a certain diet?
•  Do I have to starve to death to lose weight?
•  Why do I eat very little and gain weight?
•  Do I have to be on hormone replacement for the rest of my life? Why?
•  What would happen if I do not use any post-menopausal hormones?
•  What do I do with my hot flashes? Where are they coming from?
•  My mood changes affect my personal life? Why do they happen? How do I control them?
•  Why is my libido low to non-existent?   … and so on

I feel with you and understand your frustration.  But, let me tell that true and healthy weight loss, and hormonal balancing may not be achieved without addressing the function of your neurology, starting with the brain and all its glands (Thalamus, Hypothalamus, Pituitary and all their interconnected brain circuitry) that precisely control your metabolism, organ function, heart rate, respiration, circulation, digestion, absorption, elimination, and homeostasis.

Please take a careful look at some of the functions of the hypothalamus and see if this answers some of the above questions.

-pituitary gland regulation                -blood pressure regulation                              -hunger and salt cravings
-feeding reflexes                                -thirst                                                                    -body temperature regulation
-hydration                                            -heart rate                                                            -bladder function
-water preservation                           -hormonal/neurotransmitter regulation          -ovarian function
-testicular function                             -mood & behavioral functions                          -wakefulness
-metabolism                                       -sleep cycles                                                        -energy levels


Why is our program unique?

•  Our state-of-the-art brain-based procedures, address the cause of your weight gain and hormonal problems, and lift you to the highest level of function that you can achieve.
•  We provide you with a complete, clinically based, and doctor supervised weight loss and hormonal balancing program.
•  We run, on-site and the necessary metabolic panels (urine, saliva, blood, PH, electrolytes, chemistry,  adrenals, thyroid, hormones, etc) to monitor your progress.
•  We provide you with complete nutritional consultation, support and food recipes for your specific situation.

*Reap the profound health benefits of our Brain-Based Weight Loss™/Hormonal Balancing™ program … and please do not keep it a secret!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Jaudy