Brain Remapping Procedures

Transcript of Dr. Jaudy Video Lecture, Brain Remapping Procedures

QUESTION: How do you change these functions or you call it remapping.

DR. JAUDY: That’s a great question. So what we do is a specific, targeted procedure that targets your nervous system as it fires into your brain, and these are called nerve tracts. Tracts means up highways, pathways. In the human body there are seven types of nerves, different types: large diameter, small diameter. “C” fibers, type “A,” type “B.” It’s complex understanding, but all these different types of nerve cells, they carry different information.

So we use different instruments, a different computerized technology, different machines, we use different skillful corrections, we fire McKenna receptors, in order to achieve our goal, because anything that we do on your limbs and on the body parts is perceived as information by your hard drive. Programming, okay.

First we determine what side of your brain is weak? Could be the frontal, could be the parietal, could be the temporal, could be the occipital, and these are the four lobes of the brain. So now, after we determine what lobe, on what side. Now, we go through what division.

This is a facility here, it’s a great facility. It has a door, an entrance, this is a room, another room. This is the brain. In this brain there are divisions. If you want to use the restroom, this is the restroom, it’s a different division. If you want to go to walk outside, it’s another pathway. So the brain has about 50 to 56 divisions, not lobes. every lobe has its own group of cells that are firing, constantly, 24/7, 365, non stop, so we target those pathways. Did I answer your question? Using different instruments.