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A Personal Message from Dr. Jaudy

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to I’m Dr. Jaudy and I want to thank you for visiting.

The information contained in this website is dedicated to all those who wonder about their health and seek to understand the truth behind what goes wrong with their bodies and how to regain their health.

For the sake of this cause, I have devoted my life and substantial investment of my education to uncover complex layers of Brain-Based Neurology and what would be mysteries of the human body, to reinstitute the functional status of health at the neurological core—that is responsible for the existence of our being and determines our entire internal environment, our Milieu D’ etre.

My practice started on a very personal level and I understand and feel the patient’s frustration of having been from doctor to doctor with without any clear answers or solutions that worked. I myself was disillusioned after being treated by numerous doctors and literally hundreds of different types of treatment approaches with no lasting results—until one doctor was able to address one dimension of my problem successfully in 6 sessions without any drugs or surgery.

This started my journey to seek and research for the deeper truths of the matter. There are no dead-ends, only truths, treasures, answers to be found as much as we are willing to do and determined to find. I have always believed that TRUE SCIENCE asks the question “why”?

1.  Why do our bodies react the way that they do?

2.  Why is it that we experience pain and the underlying cause which involves pathways that send signals to our brain.

3.  What role do the various parts of the human brain play for causing the pain sensations and dysfunctions that plague millions of people.

I have left no stone unturned to target the underlying cause and mechanism where it begins. My examination of each patient is based on clinical research that uncovers complex layers and the intricate communication pathways between the brain and the human body through systematic clinical analysis, and NOT symptoms or generalities of the condition.

My dedication is to bring you this brain-based science to provide those who are suffering not only with hope, but answers long sought for.

This care is not a luxury, but a necessity and one of the most pro-active steps you can take to reverse the effects of degeneration, restore central brain integration, and to enjoy a functional lifestyle without dependency on medications and their serious side effects.

If your health status is not improving or has not been successfully addressed, or just seeking ultimate function, see and read about our successful outcomes, and join me for a tour of the thought process that delves into the majestically designed human body.

Please take the time to review what our patients say, formulate your question, and call me for a personal consultation.

I look forward to meeting you…

Yours in Health,

Dr. Jaudy


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