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Why Choose Dr. Jaudy

When you have a medical issue that needs attention, we all know that your most important consideration is finding a doctor who will take the time and effort to not only examine you, but also speak with you frankly in an open discussion that is not hurried. Too often, however, that’s simply not the case. After dealing with frustrating insurance red tape and weeks of delay you finally get an appointment to see a specialist and at last the big day arrives. In a matter of a few minutes the big moment is all over, along with the opportunity for all those questions you had to ask. You feel almost rushed out of the office, leaving after perhaps a cursory three-minute exam. Sound familiar?

Doctor Jaudy has a very different approach, especially when it comes to new patients. As human beings, we each have our own unique problems and needs. It’s not as though we’ve come off of an assembly line! That’s why Dr. Jaudy is committed to taking the time necessary to fully explain your diagnosis and answer all of your questions. In our office, we do not offer 3 minute exams. In fact, he spends on average one hour in examination and consultation with each patient on their initial visit.

The success of our practice and results are attributed to individualized and precise treatment procedures. Many patients come to us with complaints of various symptoms in different regions. Dr. Jaudy has built a strong reputation as a doctor who will provide the necessary time on each follow-up treatment to implement in-depth care and analysis based on the patient’s individual neurological findings on that particular visit and the inter-related manifestations, NOT general protocols of a condition. Dr. Jaudy’s examination of each patient is based on clinical research that uncovers complex layers and intricate communication pathways between the brain and the human body through clinical systematic analysis.

It is absolutely tragic and unfortunate that millions of people are denied the opportunity to visit the right doctor, the person who can truly help them, because of their managed care restrictions. Choosing a doctor solely based on the fact that he or she participates in your network is unwise and can be unpredictable if that doctor’s skills and training are not adequate to address your particular problem. These decisions should be strictly based on the doctor’s ability to help you.

Our office has your best interests in mind in all the decisions we make. We take pride in the high standard of care that we offer and our reputation reflects this. Receiving care from the right doctor can make all the difference in both the proper treatment, the right outcome, and what is ultimately best for your body.

We invite you to peruse Dr. Jaudy’s credentials as well as the numerous testimonials from patients who want to share with you their life-changing experiences under his care.


A Commentary by Stacy Heatherly

Stacy Heatherly, a non-profit documentary film maker, is a patient of Dr. Jaudy.  Production will soon wrap on her “Rewired” which will feature Dr. Jaudy.  The film will be available for public screening as well as licensed and offered to PBS and other network television stations.

A long-time documentary filmmaker and a diligent researcher, she sought out Dr. Jaudy as she researched his methods and scientifically proven cutting-edge treatments for her film project.  With her personal experience as well as research of Functional Neurology, Stacy bridges the understanding to the viewer.  With her personal account she describes and provides the insight for the reason behind the outcome of success.

“The equipment is technology-based, unique, state of the art and sophisticated.  The exam and process at which Dr. Jaudy practices are specialized to each person and highly dependent on what he finds through each step of the process.  His treatment protocol also is specialized and varies upon how the person responds as the treatments progress.

“I have seen amazing results in my first 3 sessions, today I am experiencing vitality and I won’t ever forget it again.  Vitality is completely reliant on full integration of all the systems and organs”.

This aligns very well with Dr. Jaudy’s comment that the “success of the treatment and case outcome are directly related to the critical groundwork of the accurate and thorough exam and assessment in order to establish the proper neurological findings.”  Here lies the doctor’s skill and ability to understand, recognize, and interpret the importance of body responses in the form of neurological tests and signs to determine the precise type of procedure needed to restore proper pathway communication.


Prior to my visit with Dr Jaudy I sent him copies of my entire medical history and any films of ultrasounds, MRI’s, dental work, etc…  I was also requested to go off any and all supplements at 24 hours prior to the exam.

In my consult with Dr Jaudy he discussed all of my medical history and issues I was having.  It was very clear he had spent hours if not days going through my file.  He was meticulous about the details of my case.  Once we had gone through the history, he began describing in detail using medical terminology and then translating into layman terms exactly what was happening and why I was ill.  He answered questions I have been asking for years that many other doctors have either put me on medication for or suggested surgery as the only answer.  His answer was that my body and brain had lost integration and that without that reconnection my symptoms would worsen and I would continue to lose more and more function.

Once he was certain I completely understood what was happening to me from a neurological and integrative standpoint we moved on to the Brain-Based Neurological examination.  This exam is not a typical medical exam.  He examined my systems and organs with unique tests I had never had done before.  With each test and each result, he detailed his findings, where my body was failing, and what would need to happen for me to get well.

After the neurological exam, I was completely exhausted.

He suggested I get an MRI.  He was certain this would confirm his diagnosis.  His office arranged an appointment and also arranged a much reduced fee at a local MRI facility.

I returned the next day and completed the diagnostic portion of the testing.  Again, the testing was with equipment and procedures I had never experienced before.  The combined testing of both days was several hours – of all the doctors I have seen, none of them have ever been this thorough.  Once complete with medical history review, the examination and all diagnostics testing, he put a treatment plan together.  At this point he was very clear that duration and frequency of the treatments could vary because it is highly dependent upon how the body responds.  I did not fully grasp this concept until after my first few treatments and some recovery time had passed.

Dr Jaudy is adamant about follow up testing after each protocol to ensure the treatment “sticks”.  He gave me “homework” to do between treatments.  These are all straightforward, and for me, personally, completing them as prescribed is my commitment to my treatment and healing.  He also suggests many healthy eating habits be embraced and started immediately.  Although I was eating very healthy, gluten free and organic, his recommendations were different from any doctor that had given me nutritional suggestions.  They were easy to incorporate.

As for the treatments he does, these are very specialized and again, they are like nothing I have experienced anywhere else or heard of.  He mentioned throughout the process that the procedures he uses are scientifically proven.  Because I am a documentary film maker and I do diligent research for my films, I researched his methods.  ALL are scientifically proven.  He does a combination of neurological, physical and specialized formulations of organ remapping.  I have had a few surgeries and injuries, so he worked on those areas to reintegrate the neurological pathways.

Although I had spoken with several people Dr Jaudy has treated, most found it very difficult to explain what exactly he does.

I had heard comments and thought personally that his procedures and treatments were vaguely explained.  Now I am completely aware of why that is.  The equipment is technology based, unique, state of the art and sophisticated. The exam and the process at which he practices are specialized to each person and highly dependent upon what he finds through each step of the process.  His treatment protocol also is specialized and varies upon how the person responds as treatments progress.

Lastly, it is my personal opinion and experience that the work Dr Jaudy is doing is based on proven scientific methods and the results are profound. I have seen amazing results in my first three sessions and am looking forward to my next week of treatments and the next phase of healing.

For several days I searched for the most accurate word to describe what I wanted most from this protocol.  I came up with durability and stamina.  But, I realized the word I was searching for was vitality.  My husband reminded me that Dr Jaudy had used that word during my consult.  I was so disconnected, I didn’t even remember it.  Today I am experiencing vitality and I won’t ever forget it again.  Vitality is completely reliant on full integration of all systems and organs.  We are complex beings.

Although the communication material, including his web site is “still in the works”, he is not waiting for those to be complete for him to do what he does best and that is assist people to meet their healing goals.  One statement he made that still sticks in my mind is; “How well do you want to be.”

Dr Jaudy says the brain is the Maestro, but I’m not so sure he has that right.  I think he might be.

My Grandmother use to tell me “when you plant a seed, you don’t dig it up to see if it’s growing, you do your part and leave the rest to faith.”  That’s the attitude that I have taken through each step of my wellness journey and it has served me well.

Best wishes on your personal wellness journey.  You are now in the hands of a Maestro.

Stacy Heatherly, Nonprofit Documentary Film Maker, 2011