Meeting the Challenge

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Meeting the Challenge by Dr. Jaudy

Many of you have had or know someone who has had a harrowing health challenge. Many of you have an idea that we’ve come to serve you out of a sense of mission. My very first degree was in investigative journalism, and it was my research in the investigative process that inspired me and drove me as a doctor. Health hardships pushed and tested me to the limit on a very personal level in search of answers.

I tell you this to give you the benefit of my research and experiences. Motivated by the need to share what I have learned so others don’t trudge this horrific journey, and help you avoid needless suffering for yourself, your family, and your friends.

A great majority of you have suffered down a long an expensive road, financially and health wise, in trying to resolve your illness or chronic condition. Some of you don’t fit any specific diagnosis, ambiguously understood with intractable symptoms.

This forum is meant to clear misinformation provided to suffering families, to reveal the truth of how the body functions and how the body breaks down. How, when that mechanism that goes wrong, changes the world for the sufferer, and seems that it can’t be turned off.

Most definitely, we don’t expect you to understand the many complex intricate pathways. However, common sense would tell one that a problem here is going to manifest in symptoms of these related pathways.

Our intent for you at the Jaudy Treatment Center is to not only for you to survive your condition.. but we want you to thrive.

You will hear this theme again and again in the various patient testimonials…to enable you to be the wife, mother, father, son, or daughter that you intended to be.

The research of brain mapping and fixing dysfunctions is at the forefront of modern science.

So whether your challenge is an old chronic condition, or an athlete that wants to function like a machine at the world class level, or someone who just wants to reclaim his/her quality of life; contemporary diagnostics and applications in Functional Neurology provide for quality of life and answers long sought for….

It is our sincere pleasure, passion and dedication to bring you this State of the Art Science for the full expression of vibrant health and the quality of life that each one deserves.

Dr. Jaudy