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Dr. Jaudy’s Peer Reviewed and Published Research Case Studies:

Scientific articles and case studies written by Dr. Jaudy, which address Functional Neurology topics on a highly technical level.

Click here for Dr. Jaudy’s latest 16 case studies in 2015 and 2016, accepted and published case studies in the peer reviewed Frontiers research Journal.

Dr. Jaudy’s Published Introductory Articles:

An assortment of published, topical subjects on Functional Neurology, written by Dr. Jaudy

Dr. Jaudy’s Condition Overview with Commentaries:

In this section Dr. Jaudy has authored numerous articles on a wide range of medical conditions.

Interviews and Articles About Dr. Jaudy:

Published articles and interviews about Dr. Jaudy


 Documentary videos relating to Functional Neurology

Functional Neurology Articles:

Links to pertinent scientific articles relating to functional neurology

Brain Remapping-Organ Remapping:

The reactivation of ganglia and pathways that have been chemically and neurologically dysfunctional

JTC Info Manual:

A document describing our care, treatment protocol and is also a manual for the human wiring system

Neuro Training™ for Sports Medicine:

Impact of Neuro Training and our Brain-Based Neurological Treatments on athlete’s precision, coordination, endurance

Media & Press Releases: