Digestive-Organ Dysfunction

Dr. Jaudy Live:  Digestive & Organ Dysfunction Parts 1-3

Transcript of Dr. Jaudy Video Lecture, Digestive & Organ Dysfunction-Parts 1 to 3

PART 1: All right, start the tour. So, we’re going to be discussing briefly, a very, very wide and a very large and humongous subject, which are the digestive disorders. This topic we can talk about it for probably six months, in different episodes, and is very, very complex.

These are the organs of the human body, and if you look at these, these are diseased organs. Ugly stuff that you do not want to have. If you look at the liver, you see that the liver has nodules. If you look at the gall bladder, it has gallstones. Now, if you look at the colon, it has cysts and pustules and all this stuff. You see the pancreas, the pancreas is here. The pancreas it’s also diseased. This is the stomach for those who do not know the orientation of the organs, and this is the small intestine, and this is the beginning of the large intestine. You see how large the intestine is. It can it can be up to six feet long. Large guy, okay, and the liver can get up to here from here, all the way down here. It’s a large organ, so if these organs are malfunctioning, and we’re going be talking about this in a second, why do they malfunction? We can be in deep trouble, would you all agree? Yes, okay, very good.

So now we’re going to ask these questions. These are on people’s minds all the time, whether you think of them, or whether you hear somebody else asking these questions. How often do you ask yourself “Why do I feel bloated?” Everybody asks this question. “Why does the food sit in my stomach like a cement block?” I eat, I don’t digest. Many, many patients tell me, “Dr. Jaudy, I’m not digesting.” “I eat great. How come I’m not losing weight?” Okay, things like that. “This heartburn is killing me.” We had this case yesterday about a 78-year-old man. He came in to tell me, “Dr. Jaudy, I want to kill myself because anything I eat, I feel like fire, and it’s hitting my neck, it’s hitting my vessels.” The man wants to kill himself. He cannot eat anything because of the heartburn. I have a horrible gas and belching. Why? Why do I have this?

“I eat great but I’m constipated.” You hear this all the time. “I eat like a bird, and I gain weight.” Everybody, they tell you, “You know what the best way to lose weight? Don’t eat.” Or eat something little. ” No matter what I do, I cannot lose those pounds.” You hear all the questions, right? Familiar. “I get terrible stomach cramps every time I eat. My stomach, Dr. Jaudy is killing me. What do I do?” “What do I do, I take acid pills and Tum-Tums.”

“Why do I feel fatigued after I eat?” How many people do you know that when they have lunch they say they are in a coma. I’m gone. It’s horrible. “It seems that I cannot get rid of my hemorrhoids.” “Why do I feel that my abdomen is swollen?” We have many patients that come to see us and even adults and teenagers. I had this patient, she came in to see me, just 22 years old, and if she drinks water, her abdomen swells. Very, very ill. 22-year-old, complete digestive disorder. “Why do I get a rash and feel itchy?” How many people, how many among you, or you’ve heard others, “Dr. Jaudy, when I eat, I itch all over. Oh my God, my face and… I’ll kill myself.”