How Can Results Happen So Quickly?

Transcript of Dr. Jaudy Video Lecture, How Can Results Happen So Quickly?

QUESTION: I am amazed and wonder how it can take place so quickly.

DR. JAUDY: Let me tell you what happens. The results are so effective that when you target the brain area that is misfiring, and when you regulate that area in the brain, there is instantaneous firing to the to the body in nanoseconds, and since the brain is constantly regulating your function, your organs, your joints, your posture, your line of gravity, your ability to think, your ability to execute functions. It’s done at the same speed as it regulates your body function, so once we correct something, it’s like you have a table, it’s like you have a table like this, and you instantaneously turn it like this so you change things in nanoseconds.

It’s fires so quickly and the results are as you said, three, four treatments, after five, six, we see this all the time, all the time. Ailments that are 30 years old, 35 years old, resolve some times in one treatment sometimes in five, sometimes in 10, it depends, but this is something very, very important, Sharee, this lies in the doctor’s skill and ability to target, to hit the bulls eye, okay, because here’s the deal: our brain functions like a computer. It’s the software. If you put the wrong software in you’re going to get the wrong data. If you would program it right, you’re going to function in your ultimate existence of humanism. Isn’t that wonderful.

Great, but did it answer your question? Beautiful, so to sum up, when we regulate brain tissue, firing it gives you instantaneous regulation of many, many symptoms and many, many ailments. Definitely, some of them are more resistant and we need more time, but that takes affect very, very quickly.