Mucus from Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Transcript of Dr. Jaudy Video Lecture, Mucus from Irritable Bowel Syndrome

QUESTION: sometimes in afternoon I have a feeling I have to go to the bathroom and then is not, but I think I need an enema in there, and not and nothing yet mucus comes out. (indistinguishable)

DR. JAUDY: All right, did you all hear this ladies and gentlemen? Mucus. This condition could be, could be, okay, we haven’t confirmed anything because we haven’t done any tests. This condition could be an irritable bowel syndrome. You have all heard of this, IBS. Yeah, now there you go.

Now what is the deal with the mucus. Now listen. The inner life that lives in you, autonomic nervous system. This is the inner life that steady you now. Listen to what Dr. Jaudy is saying. This is what’s telling me “Tell the world what’s going on,” okay. If we have a problem in the intestines, whether it’s infection, parasites, candida, decreased movement, decreased connection with the brain, decreased nerve activity. In order or for your organ to live and survive and save your life it starts… cells, special cells, they start secreting mucus to trap infections.

What does mucus do? Like glue, it says OK, guys don’t roll around, I’m going to survive. So, what happens is the patient wants to go to the bathroom, can’t do it. Why, because the mucus is overwhelming and glue, it acts like a cloging. It’s, it’s everything and I want to go, can’t make it happen. Okay. In mucus, in most instances, most conditions, is secreted to trap harmful infections because you’re not circulating. How many times you feel like your throat is irritated when you get cold or you get, you know, a virus or something, and you start coughing phlegm? Right. It happens.

What’s phlegm, some form of mucus. Every time you cough phlegm, your body is saying “you infections out, out!” I’m destroying you through the skill and the majesty of life that you carry.
This is very, very profound ladies and gentlemen, because this is not, or it should not, in certain conditions… I want to stress on that… it should not be invaded, it should not be treated with chemicals, it should not be treated with drugs. If it’s not life threatening… am I making myself clear… taking pills for health… ain’t happening! You take pills to live day by day. Well, okay, I took these pills. I don’t know what tomorrow has, but at least I’ve gone through the first 24 hours.

I hope that we gave you an insight on the majesty of your body function, and our function which we should respect and we should handle like a small infant every day in our life, until this infant grows, matures and become self dependent; in other words, we become self dependent when we are functioning very, very well with Brain Based procedures and Functional Neurology. Thank you for attending and have a great afternoon.