Jaudy Institute


“A Neuro-Functional, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical approach to
regulating visceral and glandular function.”  Dr. Jaudy 2011-2012 ©

The visceral nervous system is a vast bio-chemical warehouse with every class of neurotransmitters found in the brain.  We have more nerve cells in our gut than the entire remainder of our peripheral nervous system.  The majority of the patients who enter doctor’s offices have “functional” complaints, their gut is malfunctioning and nobody knows why.  This course will address solid grounds of clinical assessment and examination of organ function for mastering specific treatment protocols of different organs.  There are no treatments in healthcare that functionally address organ function…learn the practical skills of Neuro-visceral Applications  (ORGAN REMAPPING™) and build consistent and reproducible results.


The condensed 3-day course will cover the interconnections between the brain and the organ system covering each individual organ with assessments and  hands-on clinical applications.     

    • Establish a strong understanding of Neuro-Visceral Applications
    • Develop a step-by-step approach to conducting a complete visceral examination and lesion localization
    • Regulate visceral inter-neuronal communication through pre and post ganglionic applications
    • Learn to regulate and improve the efficiency of neuro-visceral feedback/feed-forward mechanisms
    • Retain treatment outcome, patient compliance, and steady referrals

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