How Long Must I Suffer with…

Healthy Times Newspaper, How Long Must I Suffer with…, #XX, Month?, 2011




How Long Must I Suffer with…
Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Chronic Fatigue, Memory Problems, Anxiety, Dizziness and other neurological disorders.

Answers Long Sought For in Functional Neurology

I eat organic, drink the best water, take best nutrition… and I STILL SUFFER WITH MY HEALTH… What is wrong with this picture?

Every time a patient comes to our facility for either a consultation, examination or treatment, he or she tells me one common statement:  I have seen many doctors for many years and no one has given an answer as to What is wrong with me?

I hear you and feel your frustration. There’s nothing more frustrating in life than carrying a basketful of symptoms, medications, supplements, diagnoses, X-rays, reports, blood test etc…from one doctor to another and continuing to feel either the same or even worse.

At this stage, you have lost your job, spent a fortune (or all your fortune) on various treatment protocols and doctors, your personal life is ruins.  Your family is affected.  Your quality of life is lost, as your pains and aches make you short-tempered and irritable.  You can’t enjoy doing even 10 percent of the things you like to do, or used to do.  Many patients have told me that they wish their life would be over soon.  If you are in this position, you know exactly what I am talking about–because every day I see the suffering in patients’ eyes, feel the despair in their words, and sense the constant pain that echoes with every word they say.

The information I am going to discuss will give you a glimpse of insight into knowledge and understanding that can allow you to make educated decisions beyond what you’ve been told or diagnosed with.

WHY does the body break down?

On July 25, 1989 President George Bush signed a Presidential Declaration designating the 1990’s to be the “Decade of the Brain.”   This gave birth to a rather special neuroscience called Functional Neurology.  Research breakthroughs in Functional Neurology show that there is a missing dimension in healthcare; a missing link and key to addressing the underlying causes which may be responsible for conditions such as fibromyalgia and other neurological conditions.

Here is a simple explanation and example.   The brain is an electrical organ and has absolute control over every body function we have.  It has different divisions, different lobes, different layers and compartments.  Think of the brain as a major electric fuse box or a building with several rooms and divisions.   In order to get electricity to any division, all connections have to be positively and negatively wired.  If not, then a “short circuit” happens, lights go off and connections are lost with the central fuse box.  A short circuit in the brain could take out several light bulbs (body structures such as limbs, organs, etc.).  These faulty pathways can lead to recurrent and spontaneous episodes of depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, dizziness, digestive disorders, weight problems, chronic unexplained back and neck pain, memory problems, tremors, tics, and other neurological disorders.

If there is decreased ability of the brain to accomplish integrated tasks and meet the physiological demands of the human body (dysfunctions), guess what is going to happen?  Symptoms will flare up!  The question is how do we view and treat these dysfunctions resulting in symptoms?  You would never think of putting duct tape over a check engine light when it came on in your car and keep driving.  So, if your body is expressing symptoms, it’s just like the oil light in your car going on.  Your body doesn’t have bells, whistles, and warning lights.  It has SYMPTOMS—pain, sleep problems, headaches.  If not functionally addressed, it will only get worse.

Once “short circuits” develop in the system, they persist. The wiring is still there, it is not cut, but it is not running at 100 percent.  The brainstem is the control center and controls numerous functions in the body such as heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, digesting, hormone release, and others.  It is where our heart beating and breathing is generated from!

What does it feel like when the brain misfires?

The body shuts down with an on-going sickness that may be described as anxiety or nerve disorder; chronic widespread pain… even in the hands and feet.  The sufferer can experience insomnia, or waking up a certain hour each night and not able to fall back asleep; shortness of breath, and sometimes even forgetting to breathe.

It’s like everything goes haywire; continuous pain back and neck pain that’s truly never ending.  Along with the body shutting down, there is difficulty in processing the oxygen that needs to get to the brain.

Disruption of the brain’s electrical vitality also causes fatigue and many neurological disorders too lengthy to list.

It is scary, yet when you go to the doctor it is not pin-pointable; usually blamed on some type of nervous reaction or hormone imbalance.  Generally these patients are given anxiety or sleeping pills.  Sometimes due to side effects they may experience even more scary symptoms.  Clumsiness or memory problems such as forgetting why you even entered a room is common; dizziness, an ominous feeling of a stroke or thoughts of doom.  They’re scared, sick of being medicated and just want their life back.  This terrifying cascade of symptoms does NOT have to be mysterious.

Then there are those whose nervous system is so hypersensitive that it only takes driving over a bump in the road, or hearing a certain high pitched noise that sends them into a crisis of pain.  This nerve hypersensitivity causes one to be sensitive to bumps, noise, and light.  It produces distortions in the body (joints that misalign).  Unresolved and re-occurring distortions, and pain, that send you to the doctor again and again… only to be ambiguously understood.  You feel like your situation is strange, that there is no one that feels the way you do.

Stopping the madness begins with dealing with the origin of the cause.  If the mechanism is never addressed, the condition may never resolve.

For some, the electrical imbalance may get so bad that may go into seizures.  These misfiring nerve signals can some to experience tremors, tics, as well as obsessive compulsive disorder and attention deficit disorder, ADD.  The symptoms of tics are involuntary movements throughout the body that are known as either simple tics (rapid eye blinking, jerking the neck, etc), or complex tics (a series of body movements).   A condition called Dystonia is another movement disorder that can range from mild to constant muscle contraction in different parts of the body.

Not least of all is that it makes you nervous and irritated!  It doesn’t show on the outside but your body feel is shaking on the inside, like it is being choked slowly and invisibly; a clothes pin pinch sensation on your nerves.  Many times, a patient’s behavior is mistakeningly taken for “anger management issues” when the brain is misfiring!

A Different Approach:

We need to recognize and understand that the brain is an outstanding example of a biological computerized control system.  By design, it is the role of the brain and nervous system to control the function of every cell, tissue, organ—even diameter of the blood vessels.

Brain-Based Neurological Treatments allow the brain to “reboot.” When the brain is remapped it is re-wired to do what it was designed to do: direct your body systems and take back control of systems that have gone haywire.

Mapping out the origins of the problem through a Brain-Based neurological examination as it happens in the brain is as important as an EKG is for a heart patient with chest pain.


A patient of Dr. Jaudy, Stacy Heatherly, is a Non-Profit Documentary Film Maker.  Production will soon wrap on her Rewired which will feature Dr. Jaudy.  The film will be available for public screening as well as licensed and offered to PBS and other network television stations.

A long-time documentary filmmaker and a diligent researcher, she sought out Dr. Jaudy as she researched his methods and scientifically proven cutting-edge treatments for her film project.

With her personal experience as well as research of Functional Neurology, Stacy bridges the understanding to the viewer.  With her personal account she describes and provides the insight for the reason behind the outcome of success.

“The equipment is technology-based, unique, state of the art and sophisticated.  The exam and process at which Dr. Jaudy practices are specialized to each person and highly dependent on what he finds through each step of the process.  His treatment protocol also is specialized and varies upon how the person responds as the treatments progress.

I have seen amazing results in my first 3 sessions, today I am experiencing vitality and I won’t ever forget it again.  Vitality is completely reliant on full integration of all the systems and organs”

This aligns very well with Dr. Jaudy’s comment that the “success of the treatment and case outcome are directly related to the critical groundwork of the accurate and thorough exam and assessment in order to establish the proper neurological findings.”

Herein lies the doctor’s skill and ability to understand, recognize, and interpret the importance of body responses in the form of neurological tests and signs to determine the precise type of procedure needed to restore proper pathway communication.

Detecting and uncovering these complex layers and underlying mechanisms as they manifest in the patient, and NOT generalities of the condition, has been the critical factor and key to the successful outcome of results in even the most severe and chronic conditions.

The research of brain mapping and fixing dysfunctions is at the forefront of modern science.  So whether your challenge is an old chronic condition, or an athlete who wants to function like a machine at the world class level, or someone who wants just wants to reclaim his/her quality of life…full human expression of life; contemporary diagnostics and applications in Functional Neurology provide for quality of life and answers long sought for..

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