Re-Wiring the Nervous System

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Functional Neurology—The how and why explanation of resolving unrelenting cases of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, migraines, memory problems, and other neurological disorders.

If you are one of the millions of sufferers of chronic pain, metabolic, or neurological disorders you are not alone.

In response to many inquiries of individual’s in their quest to understand why they have such a condition, the subject of discussion of this column today addresses the explanation the wiring of the nervous system.  The how, what and why explanations of the dramatic turn-around of chronic unrelenting cases.  How individuals are restored to health and the how, what and why of Functional Neurology so you might know how brain remapping can help you.

You may not understand how your symptoms hit or where they came from. You wonder “why did my body go wrong?” You feel overwhelmed with symptoms and doctor’s visits and have become labeled with some disorder, symptom, or disease.    Here’s a partial list:

chronic back and neck pain,  fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, restless leg syndrome, migraines,  difficulty breathing,  hormone imbalance,  memory problems,  insomnia, peripheral neuropathy,  Irritable Bowel Syndrome,  depression,  anxiety,  various neurological disorders including dizziness and vertigo.

What is done in Functional Neurology?

The treatment approach takes the time to diagnose the neurological origins of the dysfunction so that proper treatment procedures may be administered.  Specifically tested are each compartment of the neuroaxis (brain and spinal cord) to identify, isolate, and target the level of the lesion site.  The neurological origins of the symptoms and ALL mechanisms of related dysfunction are tracked.

Treatments can be pathway specific to the lesion site and certain areas of the brain isolated. Treatments are always diagnosis guided, and never at random.  They are always measured for outcome assessments. This means that prior to any treatment, a complete history and neurological examination are performed. Pre and post treatment assessments are measured to assure that improvement is evident.  Because of this approach, many patients often report experiencing change and improvement that is dramatic and quick.  That is why results can be so rapid and profound in as little as one to few visits.

In Functional Neurology, the diagnosis is just the starting point.  Functional Neurology  is a  neuroscience based on function—NOT symptoms.  The doctor will diagnose not only the pathology/disease or chronic condition, but the process… the road by which it occurred.

Systems are checked for dysfunctions as well as disease in order to enable the body to return back to its normal function as it was originally designed to work.

The advanced breakthroughs and progressive science of Functional Neurology has instigated a healthcare revolution which targets and treats the very mechanisms of the condition…And it is all done non-invasively and without drugs.

The goal is not to manage your symptoms and suffering, but to diagnose the very causal mechanisms so that proper treatment procedures may be administered to restore what has gone wrong.

People don’t want to be managed, they want to know the reason for their suffering and relief depends on determining and eliminating the cause.

Why is this done in Functional Neurology?

It’s not enough to do sophisticated diagnostic testing, nor is the condition likely to reverse if the method of investigation and treatment does not address the functional process of human physiology by addressing the questions

“what is the mechanism…or rather how did the condition get there?”

“why is this happening?

The brain is an outstanding example of a biological computerized control system.  It does make sense to go to the source of the mechanism.  We cannot deviate from the goal of “what is the function of our nerve pathways” because this is the wiring of our nervous system.

The success of the outcome of results are directly related to the critical groundwork of accurate and thorough examination and assessment.

Detecting and uncovering  complex layers and underlying mechanisms as they manifest in the patient, and NOT generalities of the condition, has been the critical factor and key to successful outcome of results in even the most severe and chronic conditions.

…And this has been the Missing Link in Healthcare

That’s why it doesn’t matter if you have been to the most prestigious medical centers in the world and seen the most revered specialists.  Brain Based Functional Neurology is a new paradigm.  The new way of thinking, diagnosing, and treating.

…And if it is not?

You can waste months and even years going from one doctor to another and the factors that complete the picture of the patient’s unresolved health condition may never be addressed.

The brain functions as a massive computer system.  The proper data in (treatment) gives the proper data out (results).  You can only program a computer if you are able to understand the computer’s language—then you will get the data you need.

The result is a model of diagnosis and care that addresses all dimensions of the patient’s symptoms.  A complete treatment plan that is specific for your individual diagnosis, not ONE small piece of the patient’s overall health condition.

There is an abundance of health information to be found in other models but the fact is that no one has addressed the hard wiring of the brain and the central nervous system. This can be depressing and confusing.

If your health isn’t any better or unsuccessfully addressed despite many different methods of treatment for many years and even decades, then seek answers in Brain-Based Neurology.  The science that targets the ultimate function of the brain and nervous system to provide patients with the results and care they truly desire.

Read below an excerpt of Molly’s story, a patient of Dr. Jaudy from an interview by writer Kristen Stez.

A Long Treacherous Entagled Road

Molly describes travelling down a path that often seemed treacherous as she sought to improve her health. There were many obstacles on this road and everything she attempted to do to get help entangled her in even poorer health. In the midst of feeling overwhelmed, Molly started a dogged search for answers.

She describes always feeling sick with symptoms including rashes, swollen lymph glands, pain in her spleen, low grade fevers, infections in her glands and equilibrium that was out of control. Epstein Barr virus and liver enzymes along with inflammation and infection throughout her whole body now tested high.  Molly’s brain was sluggish and the pain and aching all over her body were tell tale signs of a toxic state. Fatigue plagued her always.

One of her trips to a healthcare practitioner resulted in a diagnosis of no estrogen or testosterone in her body. She was hopeful that the hormone replacement therapy she started taking in pellet form might be the answer to her prayers. For ten years, she rode this bandwagon, but, did not enjoy the complete recovery she’d hoped for.

Molly was well acquainted with the intricacies of Epstein-Barr virus and it always seemed to rear its ugly head! During doctor visits to treat this issue she discovered that her liver enzymes tested high and might be an explanation for the inflammation and infection throughout her whole body. But, again, she still did not get any answers that improved her overall health.

Molly’s case is a perfect illustration of the fact that despite ten years of visits to a GP, gynecologist, rheumatologist, allergist, cardiologist, and ear nose and throat specialist, none of these professionals could find the root cause of her problems. Although the good doctors at Loma Linda and UCLA were skilled practitioners, they continued to look at the body as parts instead of taking a look at the whole body and its interactions to find the answers. It would be great if getting her hormones back on track would solve all of her problems, but, the body and the brain are majestic creations and they operate together, not separately! Simply put, although hormone levels are a part of the puzzle, it is only one piece and we can’t see the whole picture until all of the pieces are in place.

After another fruitless trip to a doctor that could not help her, Molly realized she was travelling down the wrong road and it was time for a detour.

She read of Dr. Jaudy and made an appointment in a last ditch attempt to participate in her own healing. What she found in Dr. Jaudy was a doctor that put all of the puzzle pieces of her broken health and placed her back together one by one. It’s as though he already saw her as a whole and healthy person and knew just what to do to get her from poor health to optimal well-being.

Molly says that for the first time she feels that she is on safe ground and her foot is steady. She is happy to report that all of her symptoms are gone.  She is encouraged to know that this is not a quick, temporary fix. She is experiencing true healing. Molly says Dr. Jaudy is a godsend and has been instrumental in restoring her health.

If you would like to know how you might benefit from this care, you may contact the office of Dr. Jaudy to schedule a complimentary consultation at 760-340-4777.

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