Neck and Back Problems – Andrea P-Part 1

Andrea P’s Story

The methods of investigation and the report he provided me with were quite different than my other experiences. (He does not the typical type of treatments where your neck or back is popped or your hips are twisted.)

His approach is from a very different stand point which is very gentle and non-invasive, and it never hurt. As I began to understand more from asking questions, and Dr. Jaudy took a lot of time to talk to me about the process, I would ask “well, why are we doing this”?, and he would explain to me in great details. That too was a wonderful thing, he is not the doctor that takes you in for 5 minute and kicks you out the door with a prescription. He really takes the time and explains what is going on and I was really interested. That’s how I got so enthusiastic for more.

The more I talked to him, it made so much sense– the logic of reconnecting those pathways from the various parts of the body to the brain and to restore function and create health made a lot of sense to me, it then it began to work and I began to feel better. I’ve been so enthusiastic and I’ve asked a million questions because when I first came in I was really not well. I’d had pneumonia that wouldn’t clear up and on-going upper and lower back problems. I tried a lot of different things, but I couldn’t get rid of them. My doctor suggested that I work with Dr. Jaudy in conjunction to try to clear that up.

So we started the process with Dr. Jaudy, his evaluation and the report, and he gave me an idea of what he thought my course of treatment should be. I said OK I am willing to try this, even though it sounded very unusual, and I thought it was very innovative…like nothing else I’ve ever done before. It was really worked great. Within the first few treatments I began to feel so much better…my back and my immune system began to function and I just felt a 100% better shortly thereafter.

You just have to go and see Dr. Jaudy. You just have to because it is so worth it. I have a lot of friends who have had with chronic illnesses and problems that have been on-going. I had a friend that was in a car accident and had terrible whiplash and she is doing great now. She is so glad that she came.

I have a friend that was told that he had have to have rotary cuff surgery on the shoulder, which is a terrible surgery to heal from. I told him before you do that, just come in and see him. He did and he is doing tremendously better.

I had just about completed my course of treatment that I initially came for when I was involved in a car accident and I was rear-ended. I was at a complete stop, and I was fully smashed into. I had whiplash, BUT I was here in the office within an one-hour and a half of the accident, and my recovery has been absolutely amazing, because that was only 6 weeks ago. I have full range of motion and I have no neck brace. I just didn’t have any of the experiences that people often do in that kind of situation, and I am sure it is because I was here and because of the treatment I received. My body was more resilient and I’m a big fan.