Burning Mouth Syndrome – Sharon H-Parts 1-5

Sharon offers some details about her ordeal with Burning Mouth Syndrome, as well as her initial experience of coming to see Dr. Jaudy.


After just nine days of treatment, Sharon shares her incredible results, and how much her pain has diminished.


Sharon’s health has dramatically improved. She says, “he has given me my life back. I can talk again. I can go out and function, and be part of dinner conversations. I was having so much trouble talking before, and I was just in so much pain.”


Sharon discusses how her life and health have been after the third year of seeing Dr. Jaudy. Initially, Sharon was taking 12 painkillers per day, and now she takes no pain medication at all.


In the fourth year of coming to Dr. Jaudy, Sharon describes her new life as a miracle. She says, “I’m actually going to be seventy in a month, and I feel terrific.”