John M Testimonial

John M’s Story…

I travelled from Reno Nevada to see Dr. Jaudy who came so highly recommended and because of the amazing things I have heard about him, and for the constant pain in my back and knees. I am a long distance truck driver and I have spent my entire life doing what I shouldn’t physically. I came to Dr. Jaudy with major problems in my joints and tissues. I’ve been been in motorcycle, car, and truck wrecks. Constant pain. I live in pain, or I did… I don’t anymore.

The reason I don’t anymore is because I came to this clinic. I 10 days time now and my left shoulder which was locked up shoulder now works like my right shoulder. In 7 days time I could lift my left shoulder that was locked since just like my normal right. I find this amazing. My fingers don’t hurt anymore. They aren’t swollen. My back doesn’t hurt. I can bend over and pick up things. My body works the way it should. This is amazing. This is a tribute to Dr. Jaudy and his staff.